Workable Vashikaran Mantras by Salt Sweet Sugar

Workable Vashikaran Mantras by Salt Sweet Sugar
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Workable Vashikaran Mantras by Salt & Sweet:

Sometimes in life the vashikaran mantras and the spells get work full, because of the condition or that kind of circumstances people do cast that type of mantras in their opposite one. In that cases there are many causes to cast a vashikaran mantra to anyone. Basically the vashikaran means to get control on any one, yes I mean that, it refers by the mantra and with the rituals which you have to do with it and after that procedure the men will be in your control. That after that what he/she will do that will be with your views not by him. Vashikaran is a process to get control on anyone’s thoughts, activities and as well as stepping. When a man or women get very much frustrated in his life and he doesn’t see anything to get the right thing, in that conditions you can get help of vashikaran mantra to get attract or control anybody.

Like, you can imagine the condition, you love someone very much and he is getting addicted to anyone else without any cause that makes a man feeling poor and angry. You are watching that your all friends having a handsome boyfriend or a beautiful girlfriend but no one is getting attracted by you, no ones like you, that’s make the embarrassing mater. Like, if you have broken up with your boyfriend and after the break up you are thinking that was a fault to break up with that guy, and after that if you do a getting your love back vashikaran then you may be able to get your boyfriend back. So, for these causes, to cure the problems of life, when a man or women gets that a practical manner will not be helpful for him to getting solved this problem then he/she can take the help of this Vedic type of hoodoo and voodoo cultures.

A specified vashikaran for the specified reasons, today you will learn that how to do vashikarans by using salt and sugar. And these types of vashikarans are called salt vashikaran mantras and sugar vashikaran mantras.

Dear, for the salt and sugar vashikaran mantras, it refers that these vashikarans will must be to do the vashikarans with salt and sugar. So, according to this we will go through with these following mantras-

  • Salt vashikaran shabar mantra.
  • Vashikaran by namak to attract any girl.
  • Vashikaran by sugar.
  • How to do vashikaran by sweets.


Dear, here I will text you some of the salt vahikaran and sugar vashikaran mantras, and if you also are going through our listed problems and egger to do a vashikaran, then you may do them.


Vashikaran by namak to attract any girl – To attract a girl towards you, you can try vashikaran mantras and here that is which you will try-

Procedue– First, take the handful amount of salt with remembering the girl or boy, show it to the moon, then chant the downwards mantra. In that mantra, you have to use the mane of the girl or boy at the place of deyani and danti. Chant it for 308 times, and after that through the total salt in a pond or river. By that the girl or boy will get attract to you and you both can start a happy life.

Mantra“Om Bhaghwati devi bhag bhag om dayani devi

               Danti mam om vashya karoo karoo sawahaa!!!”


Vashikaran by sugar / How to do vashikaran by sweets – To attract a girl or to solve your life issues you also can try the sugar vashikaran mantras and can get the benefit.

Procedure– For getting done the sugar vashikaran mantra, you have to take a teaspoon of sugar in one spoon and then chant the above mantra for attracting someone, or for life issues you can chant the downward mantra. And after chanting it 308 times, eat the sugar with any food or with tea. After that your all the problems will be solved. And this mantra can also be done by to take only one white color sweet in your hand replacing the sugar.

Mantra“Lord, fell my life with full of happiness and

Take the sadness away from me,

Make me bright and delight and

Take the sorrows away from me.”

So, Dear, these were the mantras, hope these will help you to get rid of your problems.

If you need more any types of vashikaran mantras then feel free get concern with us.